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The first location based on large data precision marketing.vertical network of Cross-border electric trading platform.
  • Network
  • Interactive Marketing
  • Cross-border E-commerce
  • Application & Analysis
  • Accurate Matching
  • Transaction Report
Tradesns based on the application of six degree theory,value of network in trade.
Providing SNS for all of the world trader.
Create a real, honesty and interactive social network for you.
Help you establish, manage and develop network effectively.
Find potential customers and obtain more business opportunities and partners.
Interactive MarketingInteractive marketing of Tradesns is a new trade promotion concept formed by the SNS community--global traders and companies all have effective sharing and interaction. By active company employees, for the companies to establish a positive image, enhance the visibility of companies, in the interactive completion of marketing. Fully explore the trade object, and then establish a long-term brand recognition and reputation.
Cross-border E-commerce PlatformNot only the creation of the network, but also a large number of trading activities, as a vertical to the international Internet trade platform, we would like to give you faster and more direct orders. By data in-depth analysis, Tradesns for the global traders match accurate partners, to create a closed-loop business platform. The members in the interaction to understanding to improve trust, and promote cooperation!
Application and analysis of customs dataTradesns integrates more than 1 billion import & export customs data from more than 80 countries. With big data cloud computing as the core of technology, provides analysis results for members. You can choose any views of the form, to understanding the results of analysis. In order to help company grasp the market changes timely, explore overseas markets, and monitoring of peer dynamics, find the buyers quickly.
Accurate Matching PushProcessing mass data and finding right suitable partners, which puzzluing more and more foreign tedae people now. Tradesns accurate matching the most suitable partners for the global traders——combined user network information, product requirements and so on, with the transaction data, procurement period and other statistical resylts, and in-depth analysis of market demand and discuss cooperation dierctly.
Trade Large Data Transaction Report The company through data analysis technology in the platform, make actual occurrence of transaction data in the global organize into a transaction report. As a corporate credit, to enhance corporate image and integrity. Of course, companies can choose whether open or open objects freely, according with themselves requirment. But we all believe that transaction is the most important part with company resume.
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