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    [align=right][color=#000066:a655e818a6][此贴子已经被作者于2006-6-23 17:10:23编辑过][/color:a655e818a6][/align] mpeng 2006-06-23 09:52 感谢SINYA提供 MEDICAL PRODUCTS NEEDED I need the following urgently: 1) MWAMI Amnicator(Amniotic Fluid Indicator) medical wire, 2) Quedel Airway Size 1, Size2(code 1112001), size(code 1113001). Contact: Harvard Medcal Suppl Phone: (65) 892 0503 Fax: (65) 95199198 EMail: harvard1@mbox4.singnet.com.sg Jaya Kumar URGENTLY NEED 2000MT OF COLD ROLLED STEEL COIL Destination Bangladesh. 1. Specifications: according to JIS 3141 SPCC-SD or ASTM A-366.72 2. Size and Dimension: 0.45mm x 1000 mm x coil (MAX weight 4.5 MT.) 3. Tolerance: Width +7mm, -Omm. and Thickness: +-0.05 mm 4. Inner Dia. Coil: 500 mm +-10mm 5. Seaworthy Package at buyer option Please offer your FOB, CNF and CIF . Appreciate serious sellers to contact Contact: Nat Chongsarit Phone: 662 7218105 Fax: 662 3220178 EMail: chivangk@samart.co.th WWW: http: Sky International Company Limited 900/225 Country Villa, SriNakarin rd Praves, Bangkok 10260 Thailand FRUIT COCKTAIL(DEL MONTE) We want to buy fruit cocktail(Fiesta.net wt.850g). We will buy about 700-800cases(24cans per case)per a month. If you interested my offer, please e-mail or fax us. Target price:$usd 27 per case.(CIF seoul korea) Contact: Benny E Kim Phone: 82-2-906-3905 Fax: 82-2-906-3905 EMail: BENNY118@UNITEL.CO.KR Oops Com. NEW TRUCK TIRES We welcome quotations based on 40ft FCL H.C of new truck tires under following measures: 1100 r22, 1000 r20, including flaps and tubes. Quotations must be CFR Fortaleza, Brazil basis. Contact: Mario J. Neto Phone: 5585 982.5192 Fax: 5585 291.3834 FRUIT COCKTAIL(DEL MONTE) We want to buy fruit cocktail(Fiesta.net wt.850g). We will buy about 700-800cases(24cans per case)per a month. If you interested my offer, please e-mail or fax us. Target price:$usd 27 per case.(CIF seoul korea) Contact: Benny E Kim Phone: 82-2-906-3905 Fax: 82-2-906-3905 EMail: BENNY118@UNITEL.CO.KR Oops Com. NEW TRUCK TIRES We welcome quotations based on 40ft FCL H.C of new truck tires under following measures: 1100 r22, 1000 r20, including flaps and tubes. Quotations must be CFR Fortaleza, Brazil basis. Contact: Mario J. Neto Phone: 5585 982.5192 Fax: 5585 291.3834 EMail: mjneto@commtrade.com.br Commtrade Imp. Exp. USED REFRIGERATOR CONTAINER We are looking for the used refrigerator 20 feet container. Please contact us,if you are available. Contact: Harry Rhee Phone: 61-7-5574-2760 Fax: 61-7-5574-2745 EMail: sunmac@onthenet.com.au Unshine Mac P/L USED MERCEDES CARS We are interested to purchase a few used Mercedes Cars to be importer into China. We need S class series. Contact: Christopher Loh Phone: 603-657-1901 Fax: 603-657-0522 EMail: hmloh@po.jaring.my H. M. Loh Corp. BRAND NAME PRODUCTS Brand name clothing and snowboards such as Roxy, Stussy, Burton, etc. Direct suppliers only. Contact: Tatsuya Matsuoka Phone: 81-86-261-0170 Fax: 81-86-261-0170 EMail: tatsuya@internet-okayama.or.jp KITCHEN WEAR We are looking for garbage disposal for kitchen sink. Only serious vendors please contact me. Contact: Hoam Shin Phone: (02)702-2096/7 Fax: (02)702-2098 EMail: sk5969@netsgo.com WWW: http: SK. Trading Co. #508, Hyundai Bldg., 35-1,Mapodong, Mapogu Seoul, Korea 121-050 South Korea FERTILIZERS Both Urea and DAP fertilizers are required on a government-funded contract basis. Actual Sellers (ONLY) should respond quoting (BOTH) FOB and C&F Ghana, West Afria basis in bulk and 50 kg bags. Maximum shipment sizes to 12,500 MT . NOTE: To save your valuable time, we WILL NOT provide Letter of Intent, banking information BCL until AFTER we receive price quotation. Any/all responses which differ from the above request will be ignored and unanswered. Contact: Patco International Wholesalers, In Phone: No calls Fax: no faxes please EMail: patco@wizard.com WWW: http: Patco International Wholesalers, Inc. CASTROL AND MOBIL 20W50 MOTOR OIL We are looking to purchase one container of Castrol GTX 20W50 and MOBIL-HP 20W50 motor oil on a monthly basis. The oil must be packaged on cases of 12 x 1 quart bottles, from the United States or Canada. Thank you. Contact: Kostas Atmatzidis Phone: 404-303-8660 Fax: 404-847-9643 EMail: kosta@worldnet.att.net WWW: http: Kostas Inc. 610 Glenairy Drive Atlanta, GA 30328 USA HDPE AND RECYCLED PLASTIC GRANULES Our clients want to import. 1) HDPE-Virgin material (granules)-Extrusion grade, 2) Recycled plastic granules of HDPE and LDPE. Please contact us with details. Contact: K M Bhat Phone: 91 11 5765296 Fax: 91 11 5841074 EMail: coremgt@ndb.vsnl.net.in Core Management SPECIAL CLOTHING FOR THE RIGOROUS CLIMATE We are looking for the manufacturers of the special warm and durable clothing for the rigorous climate workers such as borers (drillers), polar explorers, etc. Large dealers are welcome. Contact: Stanislav A. Gudilin Phone: 7-095-1328218 Fax: 7-095-1328218 EMail: stas@lst.gpi.ru Russia Service mpeng 2006-06-23 09:54 AUTO WINDOW We are looking for a maufacturer of auto window which can be controlled by remote control. Contact: DJ Jwa Phone: 822-935-2352 Fax: 822-952-0566 EMail: fivestar@kotis.net Young Tech Corp. USED MACHINE We''re buying used machines as below. Feel free to quote us with high quality and competitive rates. 1. Rotary vibrators(thumbling machines) for polishing of Surgical Instruments. 2. Vacuum furnace for heat treatment of surgical instruments. 3. Organ welding machine. 4. Electric generator 60KV to 100KV. Contact: David Jeon Phone: 82-2-797-0760 Fax: 82-2-797-0790 EMail: jpcorp@unitel.co.kr Jasper Corporation Ltd. CONCRETE LINED DUCTILE IRON PIPE We have a tender on concrete lined ductile iron pipes(K9, ISO2531 or BS4772, suitable for potable water) and accessories: 850m DN 600 and 2050m DN 500. For bidders that can provide a bankers warranty we can e-mail details. Contact: S. Avraam Phone: 357-2-755926 Fax: 357-2-755017 EMail: saemco@zenon.logos.cy.net SA Engineering Marketing Co. MARINE ENGINE We want Marine engine of 60 to 80 K.V. Priorities to the Garmeny, Italy & UK's. Contact: Ghaji Mahbub Monowar Phone: 880-2-955-2490 Fax: 880-2-956-1189 EMail: pclth@citechco.net Trade Home Ltd. STEEL / T荝AUDS We are an international export-import agency. Currently we are looking for reliable and competitive supliers of steel and iron products. Pleae if your firm can supply us these products contact us to send you detailed enquiry. Contact: Violeta Petrova Phone: 359-2-9885349 Fax: 359-2-9885349 EMail: emo@mailcity.com VIP-95 Ex/Im Agency SHOE MATERIALS & ACCESSORIES Company In Egypt importing the following: 1. Synthetic leather for shoes: (Patent leather, PU coated fabric oil NAPA, Imitation leather, wet PU leather with special finishes, Coagulated PU leather, Suede), thickness 1.0 mm or 1.2 mm. As stocks(noy s second choice), 2. Textile materials painted and solid from (NYLON 70D 0.3 mm, 420D 0.4 mm) with PVC Backing, 3. Fabrics materials (Non-woven 42 grm + nylon woolen 0.3mm) for lining, 4. Components: (Unit soles from PU or TR with attractive design) one or more colors for men & boys and kids. 5. Shoes & Bags accessories, 6. Final products. Contact: Robby Scot Phone: 219-324-4537 Fax: 219-324-4537 EMail: Business_Angels@hotmail.com Business Angels USED CAR We are looking for used car for export. Tem; Cielo, Galloper, Sortage. Lease contact to us without delay. Contact: Taesoon, Kim Phone: 82 51 291 8862 Fax: 82 51 291 8673 EMail: suhheung@kotis.net Cadsis Trading & Ind. Co. SECURITY EQUIPMENT Seeking all sorts of security equipment for resale into the UK retail/banking/hotel markets, such as: safes, cameras, videophone, tagging systems, smoke generators, counterfeit detection systems, banknote counters, coin counters. Contact: Air Tube Conveyors L Phone: 44-1299-254254 Fax: 44-1299-254251 EMail: fhenderson@metsec.com F Henderson NEW TYRES 175/70R13(NON RE-TREATED) We looking to buy per month 3000 pcs new tyres 175/70R13(non re-treated), price must be US$13/pc. CIF Reutlingen/Germany. Contact: SCC Phone: 0049-7121-3214310 Fax: 0049-7121-3214311 EMail: GEM-JEWELLERY@t-online.de Sun Collection Corp. PRINTED VISCOSE, POLYESTER, POLY/COTTON, FABRICS Now we are interested in printed viscose apparel fabrics, printed polyester fabrics, printed poly/cotton, poly/viscose blended apparel fabrics in wider width 58~60". Printed flock upholstery fabrics in 140cm width, 280~350gr/y, coutinuous on rolls. All above items must be Korea origin. If possible please quote your best prices in basis USD FOB Korea for 20'' or 40'' FCL. Contact: Joel Zou Phone: 86-510-550-2866 Fax: 86-510-273-6400 EMail: macromay@iname OIL/GAS FILTERS AND OIL CLEANING EQUIPMENT By-pass filters for I.C. engines and hydraulic oils filtering equipment; natural gas filters for gas pipelines; filters for swimming pool; active carbon filters; steril oil sampling; microfilters: for nuclear waste storage sand for protection of gas analysers. Contact: Z. Kenesi Phone: 36-1-3852-312 Fax: 36-1-3862-427 EMail: kenesi@gtb.hu GTB Ltd. AUTO SPARE PARTS, RETIRED & SECOND-HAND CARS. All kinds of spare parts, private cars, trucks, buses. Contact: Kim, J. R. Phone: 82-337-84-0011 Fax: 82-337-82-3857 EMail: offer@ec21.net Shinhan Car Scrapped Co. Ltd. BILLARDS TABLE Bolivia company wish to import. Harmonized Code: 9504.20, Billards Table(snookers), Please send aprox. prices and other sales condition asap. Contact: Marco Antonio Becerra Phone: 591 42 57057 Fax: 591 42 57060 EMail: informacion@camind.com Camara Departamental de Industria Cochabamba COLD ROLLED STEEL SHEET IN COIL Cold Rolled Steel Sheet in Coil, JIS G3141 SPCC-1B, Full Hard, Cutting edge, Slightly Oiled, Coil Weight 5MT Max Coil I/D 508 MM. Cold Rolled Steel Sheet in Coil, JIS G3141 SPCC-SD, Annealed, Cutting edge, Slightly oiled, Coil Weight 5MT Max, Coil I/D 508 MM. Contact: James Hee Phone: 84-8-825-6218 Fax: 84-8-825-6232 EMail: sonkim@cinetvn.com Son Kim Co., Ltd. INSTANT FULL CREAM MILK POWDER We have and inquiry C&F Alexandria,Egypt for 1,000Mt of instant full cream milk powder in 25 kg paperbags with payment by irrevocable L/C. Fat: 26.2 min, Protein: 25.7, Lactose: 38.60, Mineral Salts: 6, Moisture: 3.5%, Energy: 490Kcal Contact: Bob Starski Phone: 905-819-7886 Fax: 905-812-3484 EMail: polstar@ica.net Polstar International Ltd. POLYAMIDE YARN OR NYLON 6 OR 66 DEAR sirs we wud like to buy polyamide nylon 6 flat yarn 44dtex r/w abt 60mt/m to european port awating yr good reply with origin n loading port kind rgds jr bark james@unitrader.com Contact: JR Bark Phone: 82-2-5674583 Fax: 82-2-5614213 EMail: hanasel@hitel.kol.co.kr WWW: http:www.uniline.net Jhongyoung Corp. Sl Kangnam po box 377 Seoul, Seoul 135-603 Korea POLYESTER YARN GOOD MORNING wa awating good n reliable offer for the belowing polyester textured yarn 150denier/48fil sd r/w a-quality abt 200mt/m to hamburg /antwerp/porto-porutugal port polyester flat yarn 50dtex dope dyed in black abt 50mt/m to european port pls indicate maker's name n origin with loading port kind rgds jr bark james@unitrader.com Contact: JR Bark Phone: 82-2-5674583 Fax: 82-2-5614213 EMail: hanasel@hitel.kol.co.kr WWW: http:www.uniline.net Jhongyoung Corp. Sl Kangnam po box 377 Seoul, Seoul 135-603 Korea VEGETABLE OIL We are looking for suppliers of vegetable oil in 1 liter PET bottles. Qty. 20'CL per month, CIF Gdynia, Poland. Target price approx. USD 0.55/bottle. Serious sellers please forward your offers by fax or email. Contact: Thomas Kalcas Phone: 401 333-2556 Fax: 401 334-8806 EMail: tkalcas@earthlink.net WWW: http: Kalcas & Associates Ltd. 6 Hillside Rd Cumberland, RI 02864 USA FRESH EGGS We are looking for suppliers of fresh eggs. Qty. 40'CL per month, CIF Gdynia, Poland. Target price USD 0.030/egg Serious sellers please forward your offers by fax or email Contact: Thomas Kalcas Phone: 401 333-2556 Fax: 401 334-8806 EMail: tkalcas@earthlink.net WWW: http: Kalcas & Associates Ltd. 6 Hillside Rd Cumberland, RI 02864 USA CANNED BEEF We are looking for suppliers of canned beef. Qty. 20'CL per month, CIF Gdynia, Poland. Serious sellers please forward your offers by fax or email. Contact: Thomas Kalcas Phone: 401 333-2556 Fax: 401 334-8806 EMail: tkalcas@earthlink.net WWW: http: Kalcas & Associates Ltd. 6 Hillside Rd Cumberland, RI 02864 USA METAL DETECTOR We are a leading security and fire distributor in Indonesai would like to be an authorised distributor of metal detector hand held and gate type to be marketed here. We also are looking for another security products such as gas pistol, anti theft devices, laser bugging transmitter etc. Please write us. Contact: Budi Iskandar Phone: 6221 3511989 Fax: 6221 3805731 EMail: kedoy@vision.net.id PT Kedoyaprima mpeng 2006-06-23 09:57 请尽量不要回复, 如果有问题或者要表示感谢请发信息给我。。。。 CD RECORDABLE We require 25000 pcs p/m CD recordable of following specification. gold/gold, 650mb/74min, 2,4,6X compatible, 1-1 replacement of defective cdrs. Contact: Sudhir Sharma Phone: 91-22-284-3904 Fax: 91-22-287-3191 EMail: sudhir5@hotmail.com Prerna Pplastic CHAMPAGNE WITHOUT ALCOHOL We have a client interested in buying Champagne without alcohol. Please suppliers, quote your best price per litre (Bottle), quantity available, packing with how many bottbles? Price? Cif Paranagu?Port, FOB Origin port. Contact: Raphael A. R. Cordeiro Phone: (55 41) 981-5246 Fax: (55 41) 382-3535 EMail: tpcwb@cits.br Trade Sul Comercio Exterior mpeng 2006-06-23 10:01 感谢BOSYA Company: AAA ELECTRONICS INC Adderess:120 W 29TH ST NEW YORK, NY 10001- 5301 Tel: (212) 643-6686 Fax212) 643-6687 Products:ELECTRONICS, GAMES, CALCULATORS, GROOMING, PREMIUM email:sales@aaaoverstock.com web:www.aaaoverstock.com Company:ABA (USA) CORP 43-15 33RD ST AdderessONG ISLAND CITY, NY 11101 Tel: (718) 433-3771 Fax718) 433-3779 Products:HAND8AGS email:abausa@aol.com web:www.abausa.us Company:ABC SPACE CORP Adderess:51-26 59TH ST FLUSHING, NY 11377- 7413 Tel: (718) 335-9100 (917) 607-7685 Fax718) 335-8911 Products:FURNITURE, SCOOTERS, ATV'S, MOPED & BABY CARS email:sales@abcspace.com web:www.abcspace.com Company:ACADIA INTERNATIONAL INC Adderess:45-D W JEFRYN BLVD DEER PARK, NY 11729- 5722 Tel: (631) 242-3782 Fax:(631) 242-9109 Products:ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, GIFT ITEMS, TOYS, NOVELTIES email: web: Company:ACCESSORIES BY PEAK INC 1261 BROADWAY #504 Adderess:NEW YORK, NY 10001 Tel: (212) 684-6042 Fax:(212) 843-2128 Products:FASHION JEWELRY email: web: Company:ACE BEAUTY SUPPLY Adderess:33-08 FARRINGTON ST FLUSHING, NY 11354 Tel: (718) 886-6672 Fax:(718) 311-3826 ProductsERSONAL CARE BEAUTY PRODUCTS, NAIL PRODUCTS email: web: Company: ACE HAN CORP 6 JOHN ST Adderess:JAMESBURG, NJ 08831- 1651 Tel: (732) 521-3722 Fax:(732) 521-5345 Products:BIKES & STROLLERS email: web: Company:ACECO MillS INC Adderess:720 FRELlNGHUYSEN AVE NEWARK, NJ 07114 Tel: (973) 733-2200 (973) 733-2221 Fax:(973) 733-2244 Products:HOME TEXTILES:COMFORTERS, SHEETS, CURTAINS, TWLS. email:acecomills@yahoo.com web: Company:ACME TRADING (NY) CORP Adderess:58-51 52ND AVE WOODSIDE, NY 11377 Tel: (718) 899-6700 Fax:(718) 899-9191 Products:KID FURNITURE, CLOCKS, LAMPS, TOYS, COOKWARE email: web:www.acmecorp.com Company:ADD TRADING INC Adderess:10031 METROPOLITAN AVE 3RD FL FOREST HILLS, NY 11375 Tel: (718) 544-1548 (718) 968-5761 Fax:(718) 520-7184 Products:KITCHENWARE, S.S. POTS, SAUCE PANS, FRY PANS, ALU email: web: Company:ADORABLE PillOWS MFG INC Adderess:902 ESSEX ST BROOKLYN, NY 11208- 5318 Tel: (718) 272- 1722 Fax:(718) 272- 1855 ProductsILLOWS, MATTRESS PADS, SEAT CUSHIONS, COMFORTERS email: web: Company:AEON ClOCKS.COM Adderess:400 RARITAN CENTER PKWY STE A EDISON, NJ 08837 Tel: (732) 371-3005 (917) 362-5390 Fax:(888) 880-6628 Products:ALL KINDS OF WOODEN CLOCKS & CURIOS email:sales@aeonclocks.com web:www.aeonclocks.com/ Company:AEROPEN INTERNATIONAL INC Adderess:83-07 NORTHERN BLVD JACKSON HEIGHTS, NY 11372 Tel: (718) 899-4296 (718) 899-4297 Fax:(718) 505-9291 ProductsENS, GIFT SETS, KEY RINGS, FLASKS, CARD CASES email:info@aeropen.com web:www.aeropen.com Company:AlEF STANDARD PACKAGING CO Adderess:300 E ALLEGHENY AVE PHILADELPHIA, PA 19134- 2321 Tel: (215) 203-0200 (800) 322-2533 Fax:(215) 203-1972 Products: CLOSEOUTS, $ STORE ITEMS, PLASTICWARE, PACKAGING email:zusha@ix.netcom.com web:www.alefpackaging.com Company:ALTA USA INC Adderess:53-20 FLUSHING AVE MASPETH, NY 11378 Tel: (718) 938-9888 (718) 326-4331 Fax:(718) 353-8868 ProductsUGGAGE & BAGS email: web: Company:21 GALLERY Adderess:8 BERKLEY PL EAST WINDSOR, NJ 08520 Tel:(732) 910-9909 (732) 580-6285 Fax:(609) 490-9768 Products:OIL PAINTINGS ON CANVAS & PRINTS email: Web: Company:AMARO INC Adderess:5 ATWOOD AVE TENAFLY, NJ 07670- 1011 Tel: (201) 567-9527 Fax:(201) 567-3377 Products:BACKPACK, TRAVEL BAG, WHEELBAG, COOLERBAG, LUGGAGE email:sales@amarobags.com Web:www.amarobags.com Company:AMAZING PRODUCTS INC Adderess:14020 CENTRAL AVE STE 540 CHINO, CA 9171 0 Tel:(909) 627-3800 (626) 675-5896 Fax:(909) 627-3995 $1 Products:STORE ITEMS, SHOE LACOR, STICKERS, HAIR ACCESS email: Web: Company:AMERICA SHENGFENG INTL CO RP Adderess:7F JULES LN NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ 08901- 3611 Tel: (732) 519-8999 Fax:(732) 519-6555 Products:STUFFED TOYS, PLUSH TOYS email: Web: Company:AMERICAN LINEN Adderess:500 HADLEY RD S PLAINFIELD, NJ 07080- 4603 Tel: (908) 791-4500 Fax:(908) 791-4600 Products:HOUSEHOLD ITEMS FOR DOLLAR STORES email:morris@americanlinens.com Web:www.americanlinens.com Company:ANDREW'S TIME COMPANY Adderess:1 0036 NW 53RD ST SUNRISE, FL 33351 Tel: (954) 746-0577 (954) 554-7213 Fax:(954) 746-0587 Products:CHINA'S # 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If you are the manufacturer specialized in children shoes, you can contact us. 联系方式:Company Name: IHAUS Inc. Contact Person: Mr Young-Hwa Kwon Address: #603 Excon Tower 15-24, Yoidodong Youngdeungpogu, Seoul, South Korea Telephone: 82 2 21681255 Fax: 82 2 21681256 Website: http://www.interhaus.co.kr 电子邮件:info@interhaus.co.kr 多哥求购鞋子 多哥求购鞋子 联系方式:Company : Ikechukwu Wilson Company|Contact: Ikechukwu Wilson|E-Mail: ikechukwu_w_company@yahoo.co.uk|Phone: 228-909-2665|Fax: 228-222-2252|Address: No 10 koketime|Postal Code: |City: |Country: Togo|Homepage: ikechukwu_w_company.bloombiz.com 电子邮件:ikechukwu_w_company@yahoo.co.uk Buy Ccd Cameras For Astrophotography We are looking for ccd cameras suitable for astrophotography. USB support and driver software preferred. 联系方式:Company Name: Nightfire Scientific, Ltd Contact Person: Mr Steven Fuhr Address: 9 Milan Manor Drive, Milan, Ohio, United States Telephone: 419 663 2161 Fax: 419 663 2161 Website: http://www.nightfirescientific.com 电子邮件:info@nightfirescientific.com Buy Sofa Buy sofa H 27.5' w 68.25' d 40.25' sh 15' Loveseat H 27.5' w 51.5' d 40.25' sh 15' Corner seat H 27.5' w 40.25' d 40.25' sh 15' Fireside cha 联系方式:Company Name: Yakaly Trading Contact Person: Mr PETER NG Address: No.14 Sungei Kadut St 6, Singapore Zip: 728859 Telephone: 65 6 90262926 Fax: 65 6 7657815 Mobile Phone: 65 9026 2926 Website: http://www.yakaly.com 电子邮件:null 多哥求购手机/数码相机/服装/食品/谷物/饮料 多哥求购手机/数码相机/服装/食品/谷物/饮料 联系方式:Company: Maclouis Global Investment|Contact: Michael Kelvin|Phone: 228-908-7342|Fax: 228-226-3624|Address: 6 Rue D Italie|Postal Code: |City: |Country: Togo|Homepage: maclouisglobal.bloombiz.com 电子邮件:maclouisglobal@yahoo.co.uk buy Seals buy Seals 联系方式:Company Name: Sinsol Contact Person: Mr Robbie Lee Address: Kumho Town 1402/2, Yonghyundong, Namgu, Incheon 402-025, South Korea Phone: 82-32-8881190 Fax: 82-32-8883200 Mobile: 82-010-95701190 电子邮件:iviola@sinsoltech.com looking for Programeble pen with lighted logo We are looking for Programeble pen with lighted logo display on top by pressing a button. which can record upto 1000 words. Its a plastic body ballpen which can record and play the message and by pressing button the lighted logo will be displayed on top of the pen. Target Countries/Regions : Hong Kong Quantity : 10,000 pcs 联系方式:Company Name : Right Choice co., Ltd. Contact Person : Mr vinod Agnani Address : p.o.box 52 - 112, taipei. taiwan Country/Region : Taiwan Telephone : 886-02-28349238 Nature of Business : Buying Office 电子邮件:amit0805@aptg.net BYE PENCILS - COSMETIC PENCILS We are looking for the black coloured Eyepencils (90mm/short, 125mm/medium, 180mm/long wood) with plastic cap. Required quantity is 500.000 pcs/one lot. Please note that, we need most competitive prices and short delivery time. 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We currently supply and/or are looking for units from 1 color 40mW- 1W RGB water-cooled. 联系方式:Contact Person:Mr. Robert Harper Company Name:Parkinson's Patient Resource Group Add:2061 Outpost Drive California / Los Angeles United States Tel: 011 - 323 - 2528440 Fax: 011 - 323 - 8513028 Products or Services: Office Supplies/Presentation Equipment & Supplies/Projectors 电子邮件:robertharperla@yahoo.com Buy Auto Accessories For the European retail market, we are looking for the following products made in China: 1. PC peripherals/accessories 2. Hifi products 3. CCD cameras 4. Digital recording machines 5. Power supply 6. Lamp with magnifying glass 7. World receiver (radio) 8. Products with plasma effects 9. Welding tools/materials 10. Multi-meter 11. Car accessories: Car hifi, lights CE certificates are compulsory for applicable products. We are interested in potential collaborations with dealers (Chinese companies). Product catalogues from potential suppliers are appreciated. 联系方式:Contact Person:Ms. Zheng Ye Company Name:Mandarin-Trade OEG Add:Karawankenweg 54 Villach, Austria Tel: 43 - 650 - 8888445 Fax: 43 - 4242 - 31599 Products or Services: Automobile/Auto Accessories 电子邮件:zye@mandarin-trade.com Buy Office supplies and computer Peripherals We are a danish distributor/wholeseller and are constantly looking for new products for our buisness. So please feel free to contact us with product/price info and sample terms. Looking forward to recive further information from you 联系方式:Company Name: Hojer & Lauritzen Aps Contact Person: Mr Tommy Hojer Lauritzen Address: Farrevej 24-7, Hammel, Jylland, Denmark Zip: 8450 Telephone: 45 70 279707 Fax: 45 86 965988 Website: http://www.hojerlauritzen.com 电子邮件:hojerlauritzen@hojerlauritzen.com Buy Women, Men Shoes I am looking for men sports shoes, men apparell. We are also looking for hot fashion, custom designs. 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We are sourcing a large quantity of products, and want to establish a long term business relationship with Chinese company. 联系方式:Contact Person:Ms. Liyan WANG Company Name:Alter Buro Add:402, Boulevard De Westphalie Barentin France Metropolitan Tel: 33 - 2 - 35927272 Fax: 33 - 2 - 35926938 Email: liywang@alterburo.fr Products or Services: Office Supplies/Stationery/Organizer & Multi-purpose Set 电子邮件:null Looking for the aromawrites pen I am looking for the aromawrites pen. I know they are made in China. Paragon gifts and qvc sell them. I would like to find the wholesale distributer or the manufacturer of the pen and ink 联系方式:Contact Person:Ms. Renee Daniel Company Name:PensforProfessors Add:260 Crescent Ave Buffalo New York United States Tel: 1 - 716 - 8347247 Fax: 1 - 716 - 8398252 Products or Services: Office Supplies/Stationery/Pen & Pencil, etc. 电子邮件:pensforprofessors@hotmail.com Buy home furniture Our client is interested in a variety of products such as home furniture. We are looking forward to contact with Chinese companies who are willing to export these types of products. We request to any company interested to please contact us and send us their catalogue, as well as a price list for the above-mentioned products, in order to study the feasibility of the business we pretend to establish. Later on we will contact your company again in order to specify details about the quantity of our order, payment methods, delivery deadlines, etc. Finally we will agree on a date to visit your installations in China and finish off any details of the operation. Do not hesitate to request as much information as you need when considering our proposal. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. 联系方式:Contact Person:Ms. Jessica Fernandez Company Name:Ficonsult, S. A. 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