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    Tradesns Customs Data introduction
    Customs data is a detailed record of the past transactions of international trade enterprises.
    Tradesns collects import information from 80 countries around the world for a maximum period of more than 10 years, and now has more than 1 billion import and export transaction data.On the basis of analyzing the current situation of international trade development, for member to provide multi-dimensional, multidimensional statistical analysis.And through a new way of information display, to help enterprises quickly and accurately intuitive understanding of foreign trade situation, grasp of international market changes timely, effectively open up overseas markets, accurate monitoring of peer dynamics, quickly find suitable own quality buyers.
    Data Experience-Ssearch
    All countries
    Tradesns Customs data can help you
        Analyze the market environment
        Grasp the latest trade trends and development prospects of the target market. Timely grasp of market opportunities to avoid trade crisis!
        Help improve trade robustness!
        Monitor competitors
        Monitor the detailed export records of global competitors.
        Know your opponents, improve the competitiveness of the market!
        Find Buyer
        Master the purchasing period, times, quantity and price in the global market, as well as product and supplier composition.
        Help to know customers, improve trade robustness!
        Maintain old customers
        Grasp of the trade trends of old customers and the latest customer needs timely, at any time to find trade crisis, to consolidate customer loyalty!
        help you know your partner, improve cooperation and loyalty!