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TradeSNS--SNS & CBEC platform which based on big trade data.
Operated by Tradesns Science & Technology(DaLian)Co.,LTD.
Currently has2 million real-name tradermembers,1 million trading companydata、80 million company productinformation, contains78 countries more than 1 billion trade dataand keep growing fastly. Tradesns is the first location based on large data marketing, trade network of Cross-border electric trading platform.
Based on the real demand of the network (SNS) of in trade, Tradesns is based on the deeply research of Six Degrees theory to create a new closed-loop business model for global trading companies. Accurate analysis from the network data, product data, company data and trade transaction data,accurate match partners for the global traders. And through big trade data reports to promote their integrity. Having effective sharing and interaction in SNS community; to help trade companies by SNS interactive precision marketing, enhance the company image and close the deal as soon as possible.
  • Network
  • Interactive Marketing
  • Cross-border E-commerce
  • Application & Analysis
  • Accurate Matching
  • Transaction Report
Tradesns bases on the application of the six degree theory, the value of the network in trade.
For global traders providing interpersonal network services (SNS) platform.
To create reality, integrity, interactive social networks for global traders.
And help global traders build, manage, and expand networks effectively.
Finding customers, and gain business opportunities and partners.
Interactive Marketing sns-Enterprise accountInteractive Marketing SNS-Enterprise AccountInteractive marketing of Tradesns is a new trade promotion concept formed by the SNS community--global traders, people and companys all have effective sharing and interaction through SNS community; It is a new marketing model based on the theory of Six degrees--enhance the company image and build brand reputation.
Cross-border E-commerce PlatformCross-border E-commerce PlatformBased on the application of social networking(SNS) in trade, accurately analyze big data and match the partners who are best suited for global traders——to create a closed-loop third-party cross-border electrical business platform.
Application & Analysis of big dataApplication and analysis of big dataIt integrates more than 1 billion trade data from 78 countries. With big data cloud computing technology, it provides analysis results for VIP companys, and help companies to grasp international market changes timely; expanding overseas markets effectively; precising monitoring of peer dynamics; and finding a good buyer that suits you quickly.
Accurate matching pushExact matching pushThrough SNS big data accurately match partners for the global traders——Combined with user network information, product demand, transaction data, procurement period, and so on in the Platform. Deeply analysis of market demand, make buyers and salers understand each other, and discuss cooperation directly.
Trade big data transaction reportLarge Trade Data Transaction reportBased on the actual transaction data of the company in the world, through the big data analysis technology, find the transaction report of the company. companys can choose whether to open to partners, and improve company image and integrity.