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    Fire retardant chenille yarn, Flame retardant chenille yarn, Fire retardant chenille, Flame retardan
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    Chenille yarn series: Fire retardant chenille yarn and normal chenille yarn from 0.25nm to 8nm chenille yarn made by different material like acrylic, viscose, polyester, cotton/viscose and so on, can be dyed and undyed.


    Fancy yarn series : Pon-Pon yarn, Fishnet yarn, Mesh yarn, Ladder yarn, Lily yarn(hollow tube yarn), Track yarn, Eyelash yarn, Feather yarn, Boucle yarn, Loop yarn, Tape yarn, Slub yarn, Knot yarn, T/T yarn, PP yarn, Brushed yarn,8-like yarn, toothbrush yarn, Butterfly yarn and so on


    Hand knitting ball yarn series: fancy hand knitting yarn and classic hand knitting yarn made by acrylic, viscose, polyester, nylon, cotton, wool, mohair, angora and so on.


    Wool yarn series : wool yarn, wool blended yarn, woolen yarn, semi worsted yarn, silk blended yarn, viscose blended yarn, cotton blended yarn, acrylic blended yarn, cashmere yarn , mohair yarn, angora yarn and so on. Yarn count from 0.8nm to 80nm.

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    Duanwu Festival Activities
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    Duanwu Festival Activities
    GuangDong JunLinHuaFu Food techonology Co., Ltd
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