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    Tradesns Foreign Trade Community
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    Operated by Tradesns Science & Technology(DaLian)Co.,LTD.
    Currently has 2 million real-name tradermembers,1 million trading companydata、80 million company productinformation, contains78 countries more than 1 billion trade dataand keep growing fastly. Tradesns is the first location based on large data marketing, trade network of Cross-border electric trading platform.
    Based on the real demand of the network (SNS) of in trade, Tradesns is based on the deeply research of Six Degrees theory to create a new closed-loop business model for global trading companys. Accurate analys from the network data, product data, comapny data and trade transaction data,accurate match partners for the global traders. And through big trade data reports to promote their integrity. Having effective sharing and interaction in SNS community; to help trade companys by SNS interactive precision marketing, enhance the company image and close the deal as soon as possible.
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