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    200W Moving Head Beam Light
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    + 16 DMX512 control channels.
    + Built-in microphone for sound control.
    + Stand-alone with master/slave function.
    + LCD display and jog wheel for menu control.
    + Color temperature:8000K.
    + Ballast:electronic ballast.
    + Color Wheel:
    Color wheel with 14 colors + white.
    With adjustable rotation speed.
    With double direction stream and rainbow effect.
    + Gobo wheel:
    Gobo wheel with 17 fixed Gobos + open.
    With double direction rotation.
    With shaking effect.
    With adjustable rotation speed.
    + Prism:
    With 8-facet prism.
    With double direction rotation.
    With adjustable rotation speed.
    + Linear focus from close to far.
    + Dimmer:0-100% linear adjustment.
    + Frost effect,with frost adjustable speed.
    + Strobe effect 1-10 flashes/sec.
    + Beam angle:parallel beam angle 0-3.8 degree.
    + Reset and lamp on/off via DMX signal.
    + Pan: 540 degree  Tilt: 280 degree.
    Pan/Tilt 16bit.
    Pan/Tilt correction function.
    + Hall location.

    Voltage:AC 100-240V  50-60Hz.
    Light source: 5R 200W.
    Packing Size:465*445*510mm.


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