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    Why join inTradesns:
    Tradesns is a professional relationships network for the global trader. When you join, you create a truth and personalize profile. In Tradesns, you can build, manage and expand your network around the world . Your network help you find and be found by clients,former colleagues and partners. You can add more connections by inviting trust contacts to join Tradesns and connect to you.
    How to better useTradesnsPlatform:
    Improve the file, real name certification
    Tradesns to promote the real-name network environment, with a sincere attitude to build your network, and let more people understand you, to get more opportunities.Complete personal data can make you a very positive to a strange friend.
    Add friends, invite friends
    The expansion of contacts can bring more trade opportunities, actively add friends, invite familiar friends to let him introduce more friends, let more traders pay attention to you.
    Write articles, participate in topics
    A platform for displaying individuality, ideas, and knowledge. Gather the eyes of peers and partners.
    Create enterprise, publish product
    In a business platform that gathers global traders, showcasing their businesses and products can make your foreign trade work more effective.
    Search data, learn about business
    Customs data for 78 countries worldwide. With professional data processing, powerful search and analysis functions. Help you get the most targeted and valuable trade intelligence information to make the most appropriate trade decisions!
    Information Sorting and HomeRecommended rules
    1, VIP member information priority sorting.
    2, Have a high prestige index, information prioritization.
    3, Get the Mail and identity authentication, can prioritize the qualification, obtain the trust of buyers, quickly reach a cooperation.
    4, Personal files to perfect the real and have a real clear avatar, the release of opportunity information will have the opportunity to rank in the front;
    5, Accurate, hot product information, company and keyword settings can allow more accurate business opportunities to patronize you.
    Other Questions:
    Tradesns Member
    Tradesns is operated by Tradesns Scien(DaLian)Ltd,be online Jan.2008,Present registered millions truth user,keep high speed growth,we are the first and largest professional network.
    What is six degree?
    From the famous American social psychologist Milgram (Stanley Milgram) in the 1960s, "Six Degrees theory." It is in the interpersonal context, to meet any of the strange friends, which can be reached at most only through six friends to achieve the goal. And the wide use of the Internet has greatly improved the efficiency and scope of social networking-through real friends to meet friends, and then very convenient and quick to build their circle of friends-when needed to get the help of the network.
    Edit Personal information
    We take measures to protect your privacy. Tradesns will never provide or share your personal information with anyone without your permission(unless required by law enforcement).
    Wether have more advanced member services in Tradesns
    Tradesns is committed to serving the global traders, so the platform registration is completely free, and to all members of the platform for free open most of the functions; However, in order to meet the high-end business needs of some members, we set up a membership level, so VIP members can experience the platform through the depth of the function, and in-depth business experience.