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    FilesImprove the file can see the integrity of the situation, especially the trade industry, only the establishment of integrity to obtain the trust of customers and friends. By statistics, a perfect file and upload a real photo of the membership is 5 times higher than the imperfect members!So Tradesns recommends that you improve profile.
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    If you want your files to be able to face foreign trade people in different languages, please fill in the files in different language versions.
    Tradesns advocates real-name network environment, we hope that the true integrity of the membership information which can bring you more business opportunities. At the same time, we pay more attention to the privacy protection. Tradesns promises never to disclose member information to third parties. Also, all of the information you fill out in Tradesns can be set up by your privacy settings and your information is open to anyone.
    In order to you and your trading partners in Tradesns to get to know more real good faith in foreign trade enterprises, every company information in Tradesns must pass the platform manual audit certification.
    一, Upload Company Business LicenseClick on the button in the picture, as prompted to upload the scan of business license, we will complete the audit within 1-3 working days.
    二, Fill in company information1, Company logo: Quickly establish a corporate image2, SLD: Make your own corporate Internet business card3, Abbreviated Name:Quickly match all employees in Tradesns;4, Main Product: As a foreign trade enterprise, using HS code to match partners.5, Company introduction: With concise and vivid description to make the company image more plump.
    The articles which you publish will naturally spread through your network, and the spread of the wider audience will depend on a variety of technical metrics and algorithms that are excellent and widely disseminated, rapidly expanding your network.1. Publish a passage no more than 255 words in the text box and upload the picture to improve the visual effect of the article2. To publish the article, click the Post button in the page and select the type of article, enter the title and text in the appropriate position.
    Publish a complete professional product information to help you quickly create a visual impression of your potential customers.1. Click to publish the product and select the product category.2.Select supply or demand direction and carefully fill in the product information.3. Upload a clear picture of the product.4. If necessary, you can match your product with a text description.