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    What is copper wire granulator machine?
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    What is copper wire granulator?

    Copper wire granulator is an environmental friendly machinery, which is used for recycling various scrap cables and wires to get pure copper and plastic. It is also called copper wire recycling machine.

    What’s the copper wire granulator working process?

    One set copper wire granulator is consisted of shredder, crusher, air separator and electrostatic separator. So just through shredding, crushing and separating, you will get pure copper and plastic.

    How to collect scrap cables and wires?

    Scrap cables and wires, as the raw materials of copper wire granulator, are very easy to collect. You can get them in waste recycling stations, car dismantling plants, scraps from wire and cable processing plants, home appliance dismantling centers, environmental recycling centers, etc.

    What’s the use of the separated copper and plastic?

    The separated copper looks like rice, we can call it copper rice. It can be sold to people who collect copper rice, or people who do metal recycling. If the quantity is large, it can also be sold directly to a copper electrolysis plant or copper plant. Plastics can be granulated to make other products, or processed and made into copper wire sheaths. According to our investigation, at present, the supply of recycled copper and plastic are in short supply, and the market potential is huge.

    What are the advantages of copper wire granulator?

    High separation and recovery rate

    Copper wire granulator is equipped with air separator and electrostatic separator, which can recycle both copper and plastic at 100%, and the separation rate is pretty high, which can reach to 99%.

    Without pollution

    The process adopts dry type separation method, through shredding, crushing and separating, thus there is no water, no smoke and no chemicals. Besides, the dust will be collected by pulse dust removal system, hence, there is no dust pollution.

    Easy to operate with high automation

    Copper wire granuator adopts PLC control system, the machine is highly automatic, which only needs 1-2 workers to operate.

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