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    How to follow up customers in a rhythmic way?
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    Following up with customers seems to be an everlasting topic, but the reasonal and rythmic tracking will get twice the result with half the effort! Come along with me to have a look!

    Customer types classification

    The first: customer with order (B2B platform, Website, development letter, RFQ)

    The second: customer with strong intention to purchase (mainly from the B2B inquiry and Web site message)

    The third: intention customers (B2B, website, development letter of a self-collation)

    The fourth: potential customers (mainly from the development letters)

    How to follow up

    The first: at least once every 3 days, release the promotion of new products, e-mail greeting, ask about condition of the products, take the initiative to ask customers to offer help.

    The second: At the beginning, you must follow up once a day to ensure that customers will always remember you and you won't lost the orders.

    Third: You should keep in touch with this kind of customers and update the products, price, pictures and upgrades. Tell the customer whatever is new there so that he will always remember you. When there are already orders, he still remembers you, thus increasing the possibility of the next order.

    Fourth: potential customers, never forget him when sending development letter.

    Three kinds of tangled situations

    The first: inquire customer. After we send a quote, there is no reply.

    The second: After the PI is made for the customer and sent but it sanks in the sea of post.

    The third: the normal customers contacted through mails suddenly "evaporated."

    Solution for the first case:

    The contents of the message cannot be too much. Pay attention to salutation and polite questions. After replying the inquiry, send a separate message to ask whether the previous quote has been received.

    Dig deeper for details of demand information. Try to figure out the customer's idea; frequently entering the customer's company website to know the customer is very important. Know the enermies like yourself.

    When the message is too plain and templatized, we need to increase some details. At the end of the message, propose one or two questions that the customers may be interested to reply.

    Solution to the second situation:

    Attract the customers with cost-effective. Perhaps he still won't reply, but he belongs to customers in need, so we can only follow up from time to time.

    The customer may has failed his order negotion or the project is delayed and therefore has to be changed or canceled. Take the same measure.

    The third situation solution:

    Most of them are not satisfied with the high price and they tend to bargain. They can be importers, contractors, distributors etc., who are long-term follow-up customers that need our patience. You can take a variety of methods to develop.

    Too expensive? Three steps to get him!

    Others can buy, why can't you?

    Send visiting photos of other customers as well feedback in reality and online, links to project etc., to tell customers, customers from many other countries buy your products at this price. To say more tactfully and your tone can't be blunt but let the customer feel that the product is worth a try.

    Split product introduction, make it vivid in details

    Display product certification

    Introduce the product details, once again show excellent quality

    Tell customers warranty (3 years or 5 years)

    When necessary, the corresponding product specifications can be sent accompany

    Strike while the iron is hot, give the pros and cons analysis of the price.

    Positive: Our price is based on good quality, a sub-price goods.

    Negative: Of course, if you want the price, we can give you, or even lower, but the warranty may become one year or even six months, is it ok? I think this cannot be a win-win situation.

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