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    "Firm offer" and "non firm offer" in foreign trade
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    The quotation of foreign trade has its special provisions. Theoretically, a formal quotation of foreign trade should not only have a complete expression of price terms, but also include product name, price effective time, available quantity, delivery time, etc.

    Such a quotation is called "firm offer", which is quite effective in principle. Once accepted by the customer, the quotation cannot be changed, because such quotation almost covers the basic elements of the contract. On the other hand, it helps to urge customers to make decisions.

    However, due to the consideration of flexibility and bargaining, in addition to the first contact to show normal, in most cases, some elements will be intentionally or unintentionally omitted in actual operation, making the format incomplete and becoming a "non firm offer" with no final effect. Making a virtual offer can leave more bargaining room for both parties.

    It is the basic skill of foreign trade negotiation to use the virtual table flexibly. For example, after the quotation, if the customer does not respond positively, it is advisable to send a false offer with a lower price to test the customer's idea. If the customer is interested, adjust the delivery volume again, make small profits and sell fast, and deliberately extend or shorten the delivery time according to the situation, so as to facilitate their own arrangement, save transaction costs and make up for the loss of price reduction. You can also quote several product combinations, take profits to make up losses, and adjust each other.

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