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    Current page location: Home Page > Article > What' s the working process of radiator recycling plant?
    What' s the working process of radiator recycling plant?
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    Radiator recycling plant can recycle radiator and separate copper, aluminum, iron automatically. The whole process for radiator recycling plant include shredding, crushing, magnetic separation, air separation. The separation rate is over 98%. Also, Pulse dust collection system is used to collect dust caused during whole process, there is no air pollution during processing. Let’s see working process of radiator recycling plant in detail.


    Firstly, scrap radiator will be loaded into shredder by belt conveyor and be shredded to small parts. The blades in shredder is H13, which is specialized for metal processing, so that the radiator can be shredder easily.

    Secondly, these small parts will be crushed into particles by hammer crusher. Hammer crusher has high rotation speed in 1400r/m. It can strike shredded material to particle less than 3cm. So the particles will be separated in copper, aluminum and iron particles.

    Thirdly, these copper, aluminum and iron particles will be transferred to negative pressure baffling system by wind conveyor. This system can take out lots of light aluminum and make the rest particles go to next step evenly. By adding negative pressure baffling system, the efficiency can be increased a lot.

    Fourthly, We adopt belt type magnetic separator to remove iron from rest particles automatically, then rest heavy aluminum and copper particles will be transferred to air separator and be separated there. Air separator can separate copper and aluminum by their different specific gravities in high separate rate of 99%.

    As scrap radiator has much dust inside, during processing, there will be lot of dust caused. Pulse dust collector will collect these dust in high collection rate and keep the cleanness of the plant.

    With the scrap metal price increased in 2021, scrap radiator recycling business is more popular than before. Many customers want to start radiator recycling plant to get profit. If you want to get high profit from radiator recycling business, welcome to contact with us! [Related Reading: How can I start raiator recycling business?]


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