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    How does copper wire granulator machine work?
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    Copper wire granulator machine is mainly used for recycling scrap wires and cables to get copper from them. Because the separated copper looks as big as rice grains, it is also called copper wire granulator machine. It has a wide range of application, which can process various cables and wires, such as copper wires, telephone wires, industrial cables and so on. Just put the cables and wires into this machine, copper and plastic will be separated in the end. The simple principle introduction may not be easy to understand, let me introduce you from the components step by step.

    1, Shredder

    The first component is shredder. There are some blades in the shredder, which can shredd the cables and wires into small pieces about 5-7cm.

    2, Crusher

    The second component is crusher. The crusher is mainly to crush the small pieces into small particles, which is easy to process by the copper wire granulator machine.

    3, Air separator

    The third component is air separator. The principle of this machine is that different objects have different gravities, the lighter object will suspend, while the heavier will sink. Because the different gravities of copper and plastic, air separator can separate them easily.

    4, Electrostatic separator

    The last component is electrostatic separator. Nothing is absolute. There are may have some very thin wires less than 3mm in the raw materials, which will make copper and plastic has similar gravities due to completely crushed. Air separator cannot separate them clearly. Then we need an electrostatic separator. The electrostatic separator can separate copper and plastic according to their conductive properties clearly and easy.

    In fact, excepts these 4 components, it also has a component, called pulse dust removal system. This component is used to collect the dust generated by processing waste cables and wires, which will not discharge into the air. The whole process will not produce waste water, smoke or chemicals to the environment, which is a totally environmental friendly process.

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