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    How do foreign traders play with overseas social media?
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    Now social media marketing has become an important way for foreign trade enterprises to develop customers. According to statistics, 3 billion of the world's 7.2 billion people are active on social platforms, of which 1.7 billion use social networks through mobile terminals. At present, more than 61% of companies are using social media to promote, while more than 90% of foreign trade enterprises' customers are using Facebook to obtain information and establish business cooperation opportunities.


    Another report said: "Today's social media is not only a social place, it has become a market. You can buy and sell products, market brands, and interact with a large user group while publishing information."


    So what exactly is content marketing?


    Content marketing aims to create thoughtful, useful and informative content that is consistent and consistent with the core needs of the audience. This is the transformation of media from outdated traditional strategies to individual media strategies.


    Unlike continuously promoting products, the content you provide is to cultivate the consumer habits of the audience. In other words, you are instilling trust in your brand, products and content. However, when we continuously provide our outlook for future prospects and values, the audience will eventually give us commercial returns.


    The real answer is that our audience has indeed done so, and many companies have benefited from such content marketing.


    In fact, content marketing is widely adopted by some of the world's most famous marketing brands, such as Microsoft and Procter&Gamble. Some people have been asking about the reason for using this method, and the answer is naturally "it works" (it is effective).


    Insight into the market before everything else


    As you begin to integrate content marketing and social media initiatives, you need to determine who you are marketing to. Remember, content marketing is based on the basic idea of attracting potential customers to your platform. This requires you to understand the needs and desires of your target audience. If you randomly create content in your We Media or social platform, it is most likely that these content will not resonate with your fans. Before you determine the publishing frequency of the content in the platform, you should think about the following questions:


    What is the age hierarchy of my target audience?


    What are their primary goals or needs?


    If their needs or goals are achieved, what changes will be made to their lives?


    Content marketing is actually a communication art of de marketing. When you understand what your market is like, you can start creating your content to meet the core needs and desires of your audience. This kind of satisfaction will lead them to move in the direction beneficial to them, and realize your market profit.


    Find the core value positioning


    Once you have insight into the market, you need to launch your brand accordingly. There are no two identical enterprises in the world, and the tonality of the subdivisions is also very different from each other. Therefore, the delivery methods are not identical, and they must be customized. However, on the other hand, you have to understand that your audience is facing countless choices of attention at the same time.


    So here comes the question - what makes your products and services different? Why do your customers choose you over other competitors in your field?


    When building a continuous network presentation, you need to grasp the core value positioning of your brand. Your articles or videos need to be spread in a unique way, and you need to reflect the benefits you can provide to your audience.


    How to use social media to develop foreign customers?


    Our GPM system can provide massive data resources, use the Internet social media data to obtain massive telephone information from various countries, and also effectively obtain WhatsApp accounts, source addresses, profiles, web addresses, etc. that focus on products, so as to help foreign trade enterprises accurately locate customers!


    WhatsApp social media data marketing


    Use overseas social media and the Internet to discover WhatsApp accounts of potential customers, communicate with potential customers in batch marketing, and receive inquiries online


    1. Keyword search industry buyer data


    Through Google search, the product social media data of the five social platforms are captured in batches to effectively obtain key information such as WhatsApp group data and user phone numbers.


    2. WhatsApp batch validation


    No need to occupy your own account resources. The system background automatically verifies whether WhatsApp accounts are valid in batches, helps you accurately screen high-quality customer account information, and communicates with potential customers in batch marketing.


    AI social media inquiry


    Use the AI social media inquiry function of GPM system to mine effective inquiries on Facebook/Youtube/TikTok. When potential customers leave a message asking for quotation information, our GPM system will start AI big data algorithm, analysis, screening and other work, quickly obtain the inquiries of these potential customers on various social media platforms in batches, and you can directly contact these potential customers! Let you develop customers more conveniently and directly!


    Yizhijia has been focusing on the collection, mining, application and service of foreign trade big data for more than ten years; In order to solve the "many pain points in foreign trade", a new customs data query system, GPM system (, has been created to help foreign trade enterprises quickly find matching precise purchasers and precise procurement principals. It will spend 80% of its time on 20% of accurate customers, shorten customer development cycle and cost, and improve development efficiency and order completion rate.

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