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    How to recycle medical blister packs?
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    Medical blister packs can be seen normally in hospital or medical institutions, which belongs to a kind of medical waste. The medical blister packs can be recycled to get aluminum and plastic. And here is a question: how to recycle medical blister packs?

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    Medical blister packs recycling machine can process waste medical blister packs to get pure aluminum and plastic. It is also called aluminum plastic separation machine. The working principle of medical blister packs recycling machine is crushing and separating. Through crushing, grinding, eddy-vibrating screen and electrostatic separation, aluminum and plastic can be fully separated. The detail steps as follows.

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    First, we put the medical blister packs into crusher, and then they will go into the grinding machine. Medical blister packs will change into mixed powder. At the same time the eddy-vibrating screen can control the size of the powder. The last step is electrostatic separation. According to metals are more electrically charged than non-metals, then aluminum and plastic can be separated.

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    Because the main component of waste medical blister packs is aluminum powder and PVC. In order to avoid the high temperature generated affect the purity of the aluminum powder during the grinding process, the medical blister packs recycling machine is equipped with a water-cooled blade type grinder. And the whole process will use pulse dust collector and cyclone dust collect to remove the dust. You will not see the dust around the machine. The whole process totally dry type and physical separation method, no water, no fire, no chemical, completely environment friendly.

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    The medical blister packs have many kinds. For example, according to the plastic material, they can be divided into PVC blister and PE blister. It is necessary to make sure the material of plastic. If you are interested to recycle medial blister packs, please contact with us. We can give you more suggestions about how to recycle medical blister packs. And we can give you more advice about your raw material.

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