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    How to dispose cable wire scrap?
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    Cable wire recycling machine is the most welcomed way now to dispose cable wire scrap. It can not only dispose cable wire scrap in an environmental friendly way, but also recycling the copper out for profit in a high efficient way. So here we’ll have a general introduction of the cable wire recycling machine here.

    Firstly, how is the cable wire recycling machine working to dispose cable wire scrap? Actually, it’s mainly through crushing, air separation or electrostatic separation, the copper and plastic will be directly separated finally. It’s a physical and dry type separation process, no water, no chemicals, so it’s totally environmental to the environment. That’s one of the main reason why it’s so popular now to dispose cable wire scrap.

    Furthermore, after cable wire recycling machine process, the copper and plastic could be recycled separately in a high efficient way. The separation rate of the cable wire recycling machine could reach about 99%, so the copper and plastic separated finally will be very pure, which could be sold in market directly for a good price. So at the same time the cable wire recycling machine could make profit too in this process. That’s another reason why more and more people enter into the cable wire scrap recycling business with cable wire recycling machine.

    Before there were old ways of burning or water separation to dispose cable wire scrap, which have been banned gradually nowadays as these ways can produce pollution a lot. So compared to these old ways, cable wire recycling machine is indeed a trend in the future to dispose cable wire scrap later. Except this, the machine also has many other advantages. Like the machine is fully automatically working, so labor required is few. Usually only need 1-2 workers to operate. And for small capacity machine requirement, we’ll make integrated design too, which will be more convenient for customers to install and operate later.

    So if you are looking for ways now to dispose cable wire scrap, or have interest in this part, don’t hesitate to contact us DOING company for more details here!

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