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    What are scrap printed circuit boards used for?
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    Used electronic products such as refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, and other household appliances and computers will generate a lot of scrap circuit boards. Maybe you will ask, what are scrap printed circuit boards used for ? Some people discarded scrap circuit boards or put scrap circuit boards into secondary market, some will make crafts, and some will recycle metals from scrap circuit boards.


    Discarding scrap circuit boards will not only cause water pollution and land pollution, but also threaten our health. Therefore, reasonable use of scrap circuit boards can reduce damage to the natural environment. Many electronic enthusiasts will make scrap circuit boards into crafts and put them in the room to commemorate.

    Scrap circuit boards can be used as art works and decoration. Such as Indian style ornaments woven from circuit boards, circuit board necklaces and circuit board shoes and butterflies. When the gold-plated IBM circuit boards are put on hooks, they immediately become earrings decorated with a sense of The Times.


    In addition, you can also put scrap circuit boards into market. But if you have lots of scrap circuit boards, what are scrap printed circuit boards used for ? We recommend you recycle metals from scrap circuit boards with PCB board recycling machine.

    PCB board recycling machine is specially designed for recycling metals from scrap circuit boards through crushing, shredding, rotatory vibrating screen and electrostatic separation. With the use of electrostatic separation, the separation rate could reach to 99.9%. After the PCB recycling process, metals like gold, copper, iron and rare metals can be separated from scrap circuit boards. The recycled products can be sold on the market with a good price or for further use.

    More details about PCB board recycling machine or what are scrap printed circuit boards used for, please feel free to contact us, we will supply you the professional reply.

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    Tel:+86 371 5677 1821

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