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    How to granulate copper wire to get pure copper?
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    With the more and more waste electric copper wires need to be dealt with in the all over the world, the recycle machine is become necessary. Then how to granulate copper wire to get pure copper? The approximate method is Crushing-Air separation-Electrostatic separation.

    We adopt one environmental protect type machinery-copper wire granulator, also called copper wire recycle machine to replace the traditional way get pure copper, thus no secondary pollution to the environment. The separation process of copper wire granulator is:

    1. Shredding the cable wires firstly, it is based on there is some thick wires and higher capacity-more than 300kg/h ;

    2. Crushing the wires secondly-using one hammer crusher;

    3. Separate the copper at first through the air separation -by the different gravity of copper and plastic, the separation rate is 97%-98% ;

    4. Separate the copper and plastic through the electrostatic separation- by the different electrical property of them. After this separation, the copper and plastic is much cleaner and purer.

    Through the complete separated method, our copper wire granulator with 99.9%- 100% separation rate could make sure there is no copper in the plastic and there is no plastic in the copper, and ensure the clients maximize benefits.

    The follow is some advantage details of copper wire granulator:

    1. The combine of shredding and crushing make sure the scrap wires could be granulated enough to improve the subsequent screening rate and separation rate.

    2. The combine of air separation and electrostatic separation make sure the 99.9%-100% separate rate of metal recovery.

    3. There is dust removal collector equipped in the process line to make sure there isnt dust fly around the machine and make the true environmental.

    4. The 1-2 operators is enough by using the PLC control system to reduce the manpower and the cost.

    From the above introduce, you will understand clearly our new technology to granulate copper wire to get pure copper is with simple design and operation, fully environmental, especially low investment and higher profit. So please dont hesitate to contact us if you wanna do this great business and are interested our machine.

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