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    E scrap PCB recycling machine
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    Waste PCB boards are as a common type of e waste, there may be some people ask, is there any proper way to process these e waste? The answer is of course. E scrap PCB recycling machine can not only process the waste PCB boards in an environmental way, but also can make profit from e waste recycling business.

    As we can see, with the economic development in recent years, the amount of e waste generated is increasing every year. So nowadays there are more and more people who asked about this e waste recycling business. As for the PCB boards, it exist in almost every kind of electronic product, when these electronic products become waste, the waste PCB boards are generated accordingly. PCB boards are mainly composed of metals and non-metals. So the e scrap PCB recycling machine is mainly to separate the metals and non-metals from the boards and recycle the metals for profit then.

    Then how's the e scrap PCB recycling machine working? The main process of the e scrap PCB recycling machine is shredding, secondary crushing, air separation and electrostatic separation. After the process, the final products will be mixed metals and non-metals separated. For the metals, normally most of it is copper, so usually you can sell it directly on the market. For the non-metals, it's mainly resin fiber, which could be used in wood-plastic industry. However, for the PCB boards, there are also many different types, and every customer's requirement may be different. So for the e scrap PCB recycling machine, normally they are all custom-made according to customers' specific raw materials and requirements so that it can achieve the best effect.

    E scrap PCB recycling machine now has attracted more and more people's attention because of its environmental protection processing, fully automatically working and above 99% separation rate. It makes full use of the waste, and also provide a chance to do the waste recycling business.

    So do you want to know more about the e scrap PCB recycling machine? Welcome to contact us DOING company for more details!

    Contact address:


    WhatsApp/Wechat/Phone: 0086 150 3713 8562

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