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    Starting aluminum plastic recycling business in India
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    To do the aluminum plastic separating business by manual sorting in India is doomed not feasible.  It will cost too much time and money. But is it feasible to do the aluminum plastic separating business by aluminum plastic separating machine in India? There are many factors that can effect the answer, but only three main factors that you should consider. They are raw material origin, aluminum and plastic market and cost in machine.

     Are the raw materials easy to get?

    If you want to start an aluminum plastic separating business, raw material must be the first factor that you should consider. Since China completely banned the import of waste from developed countries in January 2018, the most of waste has flowed into Southeast Asian countries, especially in India. India is the biggest e-waste recycling country now. So if you want to start aluminum plastic separating business, the raw material in India is adequate. And the raw material in India is very cheap.  

     Is it easy to sell aluminum and plastic in the market?

    Aluminum and plastic have a wide range of use. For example, the plastic can to be used in the cable sheath, or to make blowing machine and injection molding machine. And aluminum can become aluminum pot, aerated brick, or even to be used in the aviation material, like aircraft shell. Moreover, you can also sale the aluminum and plastic in local directly. And the price of aluminum is pretty high. So you will get high profit from the business.

     How much money will you cost in machine?

    Cost in machine is also the factor that you should concern about. If it is the first time that you start the aluminum plastic recycling business, a cheap machine is the best choice. Although the price is low, it won't effect the quality. The separating rate of aluminum plastic recycling machine can reach to 99%. Besides, it  also has the advantages of small footprint and easy to operate. It just needs one or two workers to operate it, which can reduce the labor cost. In addition, India government provide financial support. By using the machine, you will cost the least money, and get the highest profit.

     If these three factors are solved, it will be feasible that do the aluminum plastic recycling business in India by using aluminum plastic recycling machine. If you are interested in aluminum plastic separating business in India, welcome to contact us.

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