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    White food-grade rubber joints are mainly made of fluorine rubber into food rubber joints, which have passed the relevant national food contact rubber testing standards and reached food grade.                                 Fluorine rubber is only divided into concentrated latex and solid standard rubber. Concentrated latex is a liquid substance processed by a high-speed centrifuge. A special barrel must be added to ammonia to keep it fresh.                                                    The dry rubber content is 60%; the solid standard rubber is coagulated, machined,                                              The dried and packaged standard rubber is divided into several grades according to the content of impurities. It has international standards, and countries have corresponding standards.                                        Our food-grade white rubber soft joints are produced in strict accordance with the national food-grade rubber standards and have no side effects on the human body.

                                                                 Advantages: At the same time, fluorine rubber has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, oil resistance, high vacuum resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and a variety of chemicals.

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