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    What is PCB crushing and separating machine?
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    PCB crushing and separating machine is an e waste recycling machinery, which is specially designed for separating out the precious metals and resin fiber from the scrap PCB boards.

    What materials can be recycled by PCB crushing and separating machine?


    PCB crushing and separating machine is used to process copper clad laminates, waste circuit boards, computer motherboards, TV boards, printed circuit boards and various waste electrical motherboards, then reuse get mixed metals such as copper, gold, tin and non-metals resin fiber.

    What's the PCB crushing and separating machine working process?

    * First is shredding or crushing, waste circuit boards can be crushed to small pieces for further processing.

    * Eddy-vibrating screen can separate bigger pieces out, return the crusher for second crushing.

    * Air separating - Air separator separate metal and resin fibers according to the different specific gravity of metals and non-metal.

    * Electrostatic separating - Electrostatic separator can separate the fine metals from resin fiber. The separated metals and resin fiber are very pure.  

    The whole process adopts dry type physical separation methods, vacuum feeding and pulse dust collection, no fire, no chemical, no secondary waste, total friendly to the environment. With the PLC control system, it could make the PCB recycling plant fully automatic with stable performance, easy to operate. And the PCB recycling plant is designed with integrated type compact structure which could save land occupy size and easy to install. Further with the on-the-spot installation,commissioning and operation training service, it would avoid your trouble on installation and operation.

    Contact address:


    WhatsApp/Wechat/Phone: 0086 150 3713 8562

    Tel:+86 371 5677 1821

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    Safe and Delicous Mushroom,welcome to contact !!
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    What is PCB board recycling machine?
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