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    It is worth collecting the work details of those foreign
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    Details determine success or failure. Today, I will share with you the details and good habits that foreign trade veterans will pay attention to in their work. Let's learn together~


    Do a good job of customer investigation and analysis

    In business negotiation, investigation and analysis of customer background and customer stratification play an important role. Through Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, the official website and other channels, you can learn about the customer's country and region, local market situation, market status, audience group type, real strength of the company, purchase demand, etc. If the investigation is well done, the analysis is in place, and you know yourself and your opponent in the negotiation, you will be able to handle it with ease.


    Respond to customer questions more logically

    It is needless to say how to respond to the customer's questions in a more orderly manner. To answer the customer's questions, you can mark the key points in blue in the email, but be careful not to use large blue, red or colorful. Distinguish the colored fonts to make the details clear at a glance and help customers answer questions quickly. If necessary, [Bullets] can be added, such as 1.2.3 or a b. C. Increase mail order.


    Respect customer habits

    The measurement units of each country are different. You can't mark them with your own habits, so foreign customers may not understand them. For example, in China, it is customary to say that one mu of land can only produce 100 jin, but foreigners do not know how much "mu" is, so you need to change it into an international unit of measurement. For example, British and American customers use English units, such as inches, gallons, ounces, etc. When facing British and American customers, they should mark them in English units in drawings. This is not only a more considerate measure to help them save time and energy, but also avoid unnecessary mistakes.


    Conduct market and competitive product analysis

    Many salesmen choose to slander or directly say they don't understand when talking about competitors to customers, which is actually wrong. In fact, when the sense of trust has not been established, the customer stands opposite to you. When you do competitive product analysis, he hates you; However, when both parties have established a sense of trust and you propose solutions for them, they will be eager to hear about the advantages and disadvantages of some competitive brands. At this time, they expect you to do competitive product analysis. We must make it clear to him where our company is good and the other party is bad. However, it must be objective, not malicious attacks.


    Notes on Mail

    It is better not to use RE or FW as the email logo in the email title, not to exaggerate the discount, and not to include contact information and irrelevant words in the email title. You can add the name of the recipient to the title and show the advantages (delivery date, big brand, price advantages, etc.), so that the opening rate of the development letter will be higher. Check the spelling, grammar, paragraph, font, and punctuation of each email before sending it. Ensure that your signature is complete, including your name, company, telephone, mobile phone, address and other contact information, so that customers can find you when they need it.


    After sales

    After sales is not just a word of mouth. The real after-sales service is the continuous service provided to customers after they have purchased goods or services. If they have any problems or doubts in the use process, you should solve them promptly and quickly, become the customer's consultant, and always pay attention to the customer's life cycle and explore new needs. In addition, we should also do a good job of emotional maintenance. We can give him blessings on holidays, birthdays, major market news, etc. This kind of emotional communication can help reduce friction, enhance friendship, and thus improve customer retention and customer recommendation.


    Timely re check

    Every sales leader is a master with the habit of re listing. They are good at summing up, and they will sum up experience and lessons behind every customer who has made a deal or has not made a deal. If they do well, they will continue to carry forward, or even bring forth the new; If the work is not done well, note that the reason why the customer did not place an order is wrong demand, insufficient budget, or other reasons. Each summary is a review of your past, and each review will be a process of re understanding yourself.


    Let old customers introduce

    If you have a good relationship with the customer, you can directly say to the customer: "There are still many tasks in this quarter, can you help me introduce some customers?". Of course, this is based on the fact that customers are very satisfied with your products and services. In this way, they are willing to share. Don't underestimate the re introduction. It can bring a lot of stable customer resources. With word of mouth, the market share will gradually expand.

    Yizhijia has been focusing on the collection, mining, application and service of foreign trade big data for more than ten years; In order to solve the "many pain points in foreign trade", a new customs data query system, GPM system (, has been created to help foreign trade enterprises quickly find matching precise purchasers and precise procurement principals. It will spend 80% of its time on 20% of accurate customers, shorten customer development cycle and cost, and improve development efficiency and order completion rate.

    For more foreign trade information, please contact us and follow the WeChat official account: yizhijia Tradesns

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