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    Foreign trade English: foreign trade English in inquiry
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       Heavy enquiries witness the quality of our products. 

       As soon as the price picks up, enquiries will revive. 

       Enquiries for carpets are getting more numerous. 

       Enquiries are so large that we can only than allot you 200 cases.     

       Enquiries are dwindling. 

       Generally speaking, inquiries are made by the buyers. 

       Mr. Baker is sent to Beijing to make an inquiry at China National Textiles Corporation. 

       We regret that the goods you inquire about are not available. 

       To make an inquiry about our oranges, a representative of the Japanese company paid us a visit. 

       We cannot take care of your enquiry at present. 

       Your enquiry is too vague to enable us to reply you. 

       Now that we've already made an inquiry about your articles, will you please reply as soon as possible? 

       In the import and export business, we often make inquiries at foreign suppliers. 

       Can you give me an indication of price? 

       Please let us know your lowest possible prices for the relevant goods. 

       If your prices are favorable, I can place the order right away. 

       When can I have your firm C.I.F. prices, Mr. Li? 

       We'd like to know what you can offer as well as your sales conditions. 

       How long does it usually take you to make delivery? 

       Could you make prompt delivery? 

       Would you accept delivery spread over a period of time?

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