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    How to do business with Americans?
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    Many people who work as foreign traders always say that they don’t know how to do business with Americans. Actually, that is not difficult. Only if you can know five points under blow.


    I. Strong self-confidence and good sense of self


    The United States is the world's economic, the most technologically developed countries, the national economic strength is also the most abundant, in the world before the formation of the three major economic forces of the pattern, Asia is composed of many countries, the EC is composed of dozens of countries, but the United States with a country's strength Zuba. English is almost universal language for international negotiations, and more than 50% of world trade is settled in US dollars.


    II. Be realistic and pay attention to the interests


    Americans often take economic advantage as their main goal when making deals. So, they sometimes to the Japanese. The Chinese have to consider other factors in the negotiations, such as the formation of political relations, "the interests of the community," and so on. Although they pay attention to practical interests, they generally do not like wild speculations, and they do not enjoy the exorbitant speculations of others. They think that a business is profitable for both sides, No matter which party's proposal is fair and reasonable. So, Americans for the Japanese. The Chinese are accustomed to pay attention to friendship and look at the face of old friends, can be arbitrary accommodation is not suitable.


    III. Enthusiastic and candid


    Americans are extroverted people, their original emotions are mostly expressed through their words and deeds, in the negotiations, they are energetic, emotional. Both in the statement of the views of the party, or to indicate the position of the other side of the attitude, are more direct and frank. If the other side of the proposal they can not accept, but also without a doubt frankly tell, even lest the other side misunderstood.


    IV.  Contract, strong legal concept


    The United States is a country with a high degree of legality. They value contracts in particular, discuss the terms of the contract very carefully, and pay special attention to the terms of compensation for breach of contract. Once the parties have unforeseen circumstances in the execution of the terms of the contract, they shall deal with the terms and conditions agreed upon by both parties. Therefore, the Americans in the business negotiations on the issue of the contract is particularly detailed and specific, but also concerned about the law applicable to the contract in order to implement the contract to solve various problems smoothly.


    V. Time is important


    The United States is a highly economically developed country, the pace of life faster, which makes Americans pay special attention to, cherish time, pay attention to work efficiency. So, in business negotiations, Americans often complain about the delay and inefficiency of other countries ' negotiating opponents, and those in those countries complain about the lack of patience of Americans. It is often the case that Americans think that the problem can be solved in three days, and that people in other countries may not be able to make decisions in one weeks. So, in international negotiations, Americans often seem to be out of step, so in order to have a cooperative relationship with Americans, we should understand the American style of negotiation. Understand their habits.

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