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    Trap recognition in the experience of foreign trade
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    Foreign trade enterprises in the process of import and export business, there is no risk and "trap".

    To prevent the mistakes in the import and export business operation, we should first understand what "traps" are in the import and export business, what are the characteristics of these "traps", so that we can learn how to recognize and then achieve the goal of prevention. Import and export business before the start of the "trap"


    I. Acquaintances "traps"


    Many foreign trade enterprises, in the lack of funds, brain drain, information is not the case, often through acquaintances and friends to introduce business, and these businesses in the absence of proof of its authenticity. Foreign friends, and the power of attorney to confuse, and although some acquaintances have no intention to defraud, but was deceived by the third party, and implicated in foreign trade enterprises.


    II. Agent "Trap"


    In the business operation, the agent mode is the current fraud risk "high hair field", many of the right to operate, affiliated management, are to use the agency to obtain foreign trade and economic enterprises legitimate recognition. Its manifestation is: In the agent import, the principal uses the agent import contract to defraud the goods under the letter of credit, in sight L/C, cheat the issuing bank to pay, or in the forward letter of credit, the acceptance of the backward bank discount. In the export agent, the principal and foreign businessmen collude with each other in the letter of credit set soft clauses, cheat foreign trade enterprises under the letter of credit package loans. In the agent feed processing back to the mouth, the principal and foreign investors to entrust the export as bait, fraudulent foreign trade companies to apply for processing registration manuals and so on. In the above business, foreign trade companies can not follow the whole process, foreign and commissioned complicit also completely do not know, finally, fraud frequently succeed, and in the incident, the punishment is the import and export operation rights of foreign trade companies.


    III. Customer "traps"


    Now the operators are eager to find customers, because of this, some simply do not have the capacity of intermediaries and production plants in order to seek improper benefits, they seize the foreign trade company this mentality, collusion together, to carry out joint fraud, to the foreign Trade company introduced XX customer is how reliable, And come up with a prepared copy of how the customer is capable (in fact, many are forged or borrowed from other vendors) to cheat. Foreign trade companies on the basis of no investigation, in order to grasp the customer expansion business, gullible and fooled.


    IV. The "Trap" of the Gregory


    In the spread of many business information sources, the most tempting of course is to get a Gregory, get rich economic benefits, no matter from which aspect, the trap always raises the profit very high, at the same time puts forward some seemingly very reasonable request and some gives the other party to be able to give up the condition, lets you step by step into the person set trap. For example: ① in the export business, said that each dollar can earn 2-3 yuan; ② in the import business, said that the dollar can earn 5-6 yuan; ③ in the export tax rebate, said that all the tax rebate to foreign trade companies, ④ in the import and export agent is often up to 3%-5% of the Commission as a chip. Foreign trade companies in the drive for quick profit, no matter how unwilling to abandon this rare business, relaxed vigilance.


    V. Benefits "Trap"


    There are many business information itself through various channels of foreign trade companies, some promoters and intermediaries, when the foreign trade company determines to do the business, for the purpose of reaching the transaction and mastering the initiative as soon as possible, often to its business personnel to "advantage as bait, these" benefits "including the percentage of rebate, or promised additional remuneration and treatment, When these commitments are approved by the business personnel of the foreign Trade company, "Business" shall be transacted. Once you've lost the "benefit trap, it's not possible to cash in after a beautiful promise is another nightmare."


    I. Funds "Trap"


    With the commercial restructuring of banks, foreign trade companies have become more and more difficult to finance, so many enterprises generally in the capture business information, the pursuit of the business is not moving funds. And the trap is to seize this mentality, and said that do not need to move funds, just issued a full set of documents, funds by the other side, with simple conditions and lure foreign trade companies fooled.

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