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    How to correctly judge the effective demand in the foreign trade?
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    In the export work of foreign trade, we often have such a problem: the guests asked us to send samples, and so we follow his request to send samples, there is no news.

    This kind of problem shows that our judgment is wrong. Even many of our foreign trade people who are just beginning to work do not know how to judge the authenticity of a inquiry. First of all, we look at the contents of his enquiry. To tell you that the following enquiry may be true:


    (I) He asks you to quote for a certain product, at the same time specific to the quantity Specification packing origin quality standard delivery time provides the related certificate arrival port and so on;


    (II) He proposed that your company's Web site or the product catalog does not have similar products, asked if you can provide production. At the same time, he provided the required similar product specifications color and other information.


    (III) He directly provides the products that your company can do, and attach the picture, the target price and so on detailed product explanation material; Finally, I need to explain the point: the effectiveness of E-commerce is manifested in: it provides convenience for communication between the two parties; therefore, in this era of lack of integrity, any trade, is the need for a deep understanding of both sides,


    This is an important factor in the booming trade in the exhibition industry, because the buyers and sellers in the exhibition will be able to understand each other better. Both buyers and sellers have a sense of authenticity and security.  We now have a lot of companies in the hope of electronic commerce is too heavy, especially some trading companies, that business people have a computer telephone network samples, you can fully receive the order. In fact, the real business performance is in the relevant professional and famous exhibitions brought.

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