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    How to find customers through Google in foreign trade(一)
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    Google to find customers, for those who do not have a B2B platform, but also do not participate in any exhibitions and their friends in these companies as foreign trade. Google is the world’s most countries and the vast majority of the world’s market share of the search engine, its index of countless pages, use it, so that you can find a steady stream of customers. If you have a B2B platform waiting for customers to “come to the door”, then, I would say that using Google, you can take the initia

      Before I start, I think every foreign trade company should have their own Chinese and English websites, then, your company's website is Google included? If the Google is included, then others can find you through Google, the way to query is very simple, if your company web site is, then you enter the Google search box site: "(without quotes), and then click Search If you are prompted" Your Search––did not match any documents. ", then, your site has not been Goog Le included, on the contrary, if it has been included in Google, then you will get all Google indexed to your site all pages, and prompted you "Results 1–10 of about 391 from" (0.16 seconds) "such information. If you have just done a good job on the website, then you can submit your website URL to help Google collect it as soon as possible.

       Why do I have to mention the company website first? Because on the Internet, your company's website is your facade, the buyer's impression of your site determines his impression of your company, as well as your company's products, so everyone must "decorate" the maintenance, of course, this job is not a foreign trade friend can be done, but at least you can remind your boss, Let him get someone to finish the job. What I want to say is that a good company website is very important to your company's foreign trade performance. And, a good company website, may also be free to bring you customers (foreign investors through Google search directly to your company Web page, and directly through the company's Web page contact to contact you, and final deal), I don't have a long speech here. What kind of site is what I say "good" site, but I would like to say: Your site's page design how? Whether concise, fresh, not cumbersome, this is to the first impression of visitors to the Web page, Web navigation (product classification, Web pages and page layout, etc.) is clear? If a foreign buyer difficult to find your company's website, the mouse point dozens of times, the page read one after another, can not find the information he needs, this is not good; Do you often update your company website? Now the competition is fierce, your company can not develop a new product, but did not publish on the Web page, the result is that others do not know you have such a new product, loss of product sales opportunities; Is there any contact on your website? Others Dickens finally found the product he wanted to buy, however, obstinately in your Web page can not find your contact, or, your contact is too old, the company moved the phone early changed, the mailbox early changed, the results of people can not contact you, that does not waste feelings, your site is Google included, But what about the quality of the collection? If your page has hundreds of pages, but Google can only include you only dozens of pages, this does not waste resources? Of course, Google's search quality (included in the number + search results ranking), depending on the quality of the page itself, if it goes on, it is necessary to mention SEO, skip it.

      The opening is to say so many digression, nothing more than to tell you the importance of the company's website, if you have a B2B platform and you go to the show, you still need to maintain your company's Web site on a regular basis, and if you don't have a B2B pay platform and don't participate in the show, be sure to do your own company website or, if necessary, specialize in doing SEO, hundred benefits without a harm, this also spend not how much money. Now to the point, Google is the world's largest search engine, not only the market share is high, and the use of many people, and every country in the world, a language has a separate station, the index of the country's web page data is very large, the quality of the search is particularly high. OK, now open Google, url, eh? How did I go to Because your browser's default language is Chinese, so open the Chinese version of Google, do not panic, click on the following Google in Chinese good, or you directly open HTTP://WWW.GOOGLE.COM/NCR This site can directly enter the English version of the Google, the English version of Google is what we need.

      There are a lot of people who say that he doesn't use Google to search for valuable information, in fact, largely because of their own choice of keywords is not good enough, my suggestion is: through Google to find customers to "product name (space) importer", "Product name (space) buyer", " Product name (space) seller "," Product name (space) Inquiry/enquiry "to search, of which," importer "," buyer ", such as the plural of the words, if your product name contains more than one word, it is best to add English quotes, Or for special country market, plus alias, such as search "country name (space) product name (space) importer", these words can also extrapolate, the more keywords, then you search results more. For some products, the names of different countries may vary by habit, so don't forget to adjust them after you add aliases.

      In this way, you will be able to search for a lot of information about your product name, the rest of the work, you need to open the search results, screening potential buyers of customers, some search results may be directly related to your product purchase information, if someone home contact, direct mail contact, some search results,may be foreign sales of this kind of product distributors, you find is their company's website, in their company to find contact, the rest of the work is to send mail. In addition, as mentioned earlier, Google for each country's market has a corresponding language version, such as the Chinese (Simplified Chinese) web page is, Taiwan (Traditional Chinese), Canada (in English and French) (you can open the language on the home page), Turkish (Turkish) and so on, you can select different languages and regional editions for specific sales markets. Google searches for the specific buyer's information.

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