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    How to find customers through Google in foreign trade(二)
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    Google to find customers, for those who do not have a B2B platform, but also do not participate in any exhibitions and their friends in these companies as foreign trade. Google is the world’s most countries and the vast majority of the world’s market share of the search engine, its index of countless pages, use it, so that you can find a steady stream of customers. If you have a B2B platform waiting for customers to “come to the door”, then, I would say that using Google, you can take the initia

      In addition to the regular search function, Google has a lot of useful products:

      1) Google Directory HTTP://WWW.GOOGLE.COM/DIRHP Google Directory is Google's own catalog, another well-known, many search engines are using its data, called Dmoz, in its Business directory,
    You can find more detailed classifications related to your product, and then get a lot of relevant company Web sites.
      2) Google Images Can be seen from the name, Google Images is a search for pictures, in fact, he can also be used in the field of foreign trade, just also introduced, different countries the same products may have different names, you finally received a inquiry, but do not know what other people want the product, well, you search here, Sure to find a picture of this product; In addition, a customer has found your company, but he might ask you what he needs, but you may not be able to do the product, you can also use it mentioned product name as a keyword to search, since found the picture, find a few you think the most likely picture, send a link, let the other party confirm.

      3) Google Advanced Search Http:// In fact, Google search is also to speak grammar, for example, you want to this site contains "Kerry" two words of the Web page, you can enter the search box "Ka woo" search. What's the use? If you already know the company web site of the purchaser, then you can use this method to search the Web pages of specific keywords in their company's website. Google search syntax is not only so much, but you can study Google Advanced search, with less effort, for example, if you want to search the "locksmith tools" of this product, but this product there is another name called "Lock Pick" , then you fill in "Locksmith Tools" after "all of these words" in Google Advanced Search, and in "this exact wording or phrase:" Fill in "Lock Pi Cks "name, and then search, you can search for both" Locksmith tools "and" Lock pick "two names of pages, of course, and you directly in Google search box search" Locksmith Tools "Lock picks" "Get knot
    Fruit is the same.
    In addition, Google Advanced search can be searched for a specific date, a specific country or region of the page containing a keyword, select a good, you can know a certain country and region a product date of the product information.
      4) Google Translate Google Translate can translate a paragraph or a. doc document into multiple languages, or translate the Web page into a different language, if you find a customer in Turkey, but you can't read Turkish, well, try it with Google Translate, and it says
    The accuracy of Google's translation is much higher than that of other sites, so I'm too lazy to recommend another translation service URL.
      5) Google Language Tools Http://
    This is actually a function of Google Translate, but also relatively independent, you can use English keywords search other languages after the translation of the same keyword site (through Google Translate translation)
      6) Google Trends Google trends, you can see a keyword in a region for a short period of time search status, such as this link, listed the "Locksmtih Tools" and "lock picks" two keywords in several countries and regions of the search situation, what is the use?
    The products you sell may have N group of keywords, with this tool, you can tailor your business-to-business keywords to the country and indeed specific markets based on the search situation for a period of time, or try a country that recently used a keyword and indeed try to search with that keyword, improving success rates and targeting.
    Because of the relationship between time, so much, but in addition to Google search, and then recommend a few small ways, so that you order a lot.
      7) Formula Campus Business Directory Can search by region, can inquire the type of company above, is reseller distributor or manufacturer.
    Of course we can only use its free features, if you want more advanced features, you need to pay.
      8) Customs Data Recommended Trade Circle website, open it, click on the "data" above the navigation bar, or directly open, enter the keyword of their products, you can query the recent U.S. imports of the customs bill of lading data, including importers, exporters, the number of products, such as detailed records, if you often go by sea, the data here you must use, through the data found here and then on Google as a keyword, you will get the contact information, perhaps there are a few big fish waiting for you.
    Disclosed that the United States also has a free customs data site, but I forgot the Web site, next time I think of it again to add.
      9) Recommend a forum and a website
    A forum, referring to the Foreign Trade forum if doing foreign trade friends do not know this site, is simply mixed, if there is a problem or want to learn, you can visit here, this site in similar sites in the highest popularity. A website, dragon Guide, this is a related to the classification of foreign Trade Directory, there are a large number of foreign trade practical tools, as well as various countries and regions of the Business-to-business website introduction, and so on, in short, worth collecting

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