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    How to become a good foreign trade officer
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    Recently I find that a lot of new people or friends in the list or collection of things to worry about, their own shortcoming said that their foreign trade experience these years. Hope that each of the posts can become excellent foreign trade salesman, experience is as follows.

    I. Promotion


    If there is a paid platform, please make full use of the platform to dig out the list, do not waste too much time on the free B2B. The product picture on the website must be clear and beautiful, the explanation must express professionally! Be sure ti update it in time.


    II. Agile response


    Many foreign trade business is very difficult to do this, especially the factory, even the mail several gifted reply! That fear you price again good, also certainly will not have the effect Oh! No one wants to work with someone who is procrastinating! Mail must be the same day reply! Search for a quick response, the guests to be able to promptly reply to the people will have a very high rating! You've already won 50%, and you can also attach clear and beautiful pictures for reference (less than 500kb).


    III. Mail Streamlining


    Do not muddy, do not bring too much connection, do not buy too much advertising (company introduction). A lot of foreign trade will bring a lot of connections and company introduction, for the guests is a burden! Introduction does not exceed 3 sentences for good! The website should not appear in the text, stay like advertising! Interested guests will be sure to look at your site, leave a signature on the good!


    IV. Work carefully


      The guest requests the thing to be able to give the guest accurately in short time, and can the timely communication, this helps the list the progress to accelerate! The so-called careful, if do not will be very lethal, such as the number of a letter a good m=number of errors, may cause guests to lose a lot of money and time, a model of a small problem can denied the entire order!


    V. Communication does not depend on mail alone.


    Make more calls, even for international calls. My experience is that 100 emails cant compare to 1 phone, because it is sincerity at the same time, let the guest remember you, let others know you tense guest case. (International long-distance can choose Skype monthly). When you do a lot of people do not go to the time, you are prominent, the list naturally more up!


    VI. Active


     The initiative to contact guests can grab the opportubity, and so on, opportunities will only flow away. Treat guests like friends not just business, but business can also talk about other, such as life, culture, family... plainly is to be able to boast with the guests, remember to care more about your guests! Such a good supplier and friends, you are the best business partners.


    VII. Professionalism and mentality


    New or veteran can touch more ,see more, and think more of your own products, slowly you will thoroughly understand your products, you can become a professional or not will be the fatal point of orders! No one is willing to give a single to a unprofessional person to deal with. Foreign trade is a special position, not everyone can do a good job, pressure is inevitable, so to do foreign trade, the first ting to exercise their mentality out, remember that there is a saying that the mentality of everything, which is the meaning of it!


    VIII. Negotiating capacity


     All list will need to take this step. The price must have the leeway, but does not have too many, the business talks out, if all did not talk is not the business! If the price is not discussed, then you can work on delivery or feight, not only to do fob, but also to provide CIF price, the risk is avoided. Payment method to be steady, personal suggestion TT 30%, 70% see copy of bill of lading. The reason is not 100% before TT is because the risk is both sides, in fact, is not realistic. You are afraid of other people cheat goods, the guests are more afraid of your money will not ship it. If you want others to forgive you, you must also forgive your guests. If everyone does not give in, then only give up!

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