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Using customs data is an opportunity for enterprises to grow and expand.
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The more competitive it is, the more difficult the market is, the more the market is difficult to do, the more accurate data is needed to analyze potential customers and facilitate micro competition; and if small and medium-sized enterprises want to surpass others, it is difficult to surpass the straight (the existing information is transparent and the level is almost the same). We can integrate the analysis of information and forensic data to achieve the breakthrough of the bend (advance card position) in order to get rid of the regular development.

"Customs import and export data provided by customers are much more important than customers' contact information. After all, mailboxes can be found in other ways, but customs data are not. "Customs data can help SMEs find target buyers (purchasers) quickly, understand the purchasing rules of buyers, and retain final customers," according to CEO Liu

Liu also said: "how much is the purchase amount of your products in various countries? Do you want to sell the same product to the highest price area? Use the Tradesns platform to transform this idea into reality. By comparing the average price of goods in different countries or regions, it is easy to find the difference between the same goods in different countries or regions. So as to determine the target area, sell your business to high bid.

In the market, help small and medium-sized enterprises to increase profits greatly. "

The use of customs import and export data can greatly improve the export efficiency of small and medium-sized enterprises. For example, a small commodity factory wants to export the production lights abroad. Through customs data, it can find and contact the target customers within 3 days. In a month, a large list can be achieved; if the traditional method is used, it can be achieved. It will take at least 2 months to make a list.

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