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"Perfect Files and Customs Data for Free" for old friends
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  TradeSNS has stayed with traders more than 10 years. In order to more service and support for foreign traders, TradeSNS platform revision upgrade. TradeSNS with new ideas to build the first domestic "SNS & CBEC Based on Big Trade Data" On 2018.4.21 formally on-line. On TradeSNS , traders can find buyers by themselves under big trade data. Knowing the transaction records of buyers, analysis the target buyer. Talking with buyers, sending inquiry online, and display products. 

  In order to give back to the old users for many years of support, TradeSNS decided to publish the "Perfect Files and Customs Data for Free".

  Object: Users registered until 2018.4.21 (not including the day of 2018.4.21)

  Time: 2018.4.21—2018.5.21


  Upload the photo and fill the file. The degree of English file’s completion≥65%. And post 1 article, and get customs data of one country (78 countries optional).


  How to perfect files: Register, Login TradeSNS → Click  in home page. Filling the information in “File”. Click “My Center” come back. Check the completion of a file in. TradeSNS is a real-name Cross-border electrical business SNS Platform, designed for the global traders to establish a true, honest, interactive social network, please upload the real photo, fill in the real name, you will get more business opportunities!

  How to publish the article: Register, Login TradeSNS→ Click  and publish the article. If you want to update the article, you could click “Topic/My Article”. And you can click  on the top of website and find the module to check the article.

  How to get customs data: Upon completion of the task as required, click in  home page, choose “country”, and get customs data what you want.

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