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Tradesns-Business opportunities under big foreign trade
Tradesns Publish Time:2018-04-20 18:23:15 823read

In the era of big data, data information has become a strategic resource and applied to more and more enterprises, governments and military departments. The emergence of big foreign trade data has brought dawn to the sluggish foreign trade market. The data of foreign trade does not produce value. How to analyze and use big data to help the business is the king's way!

As a foreign trade person, we must familiarize ourselves with the following knowledge:

1, we must know which data are included in the foreign trade big data.

Customs data, trade fair data, global Internet foreign trade B2B platform, foreign trade buying and selling information issued by the official website, and international logistics or foreign trade related financial data information, etc., all belong to big foreign trade data.

2, we must know the role of big data in foreign trade.

First, make use of foreign trade data to improve the accuracy of enterprise decision making.

In the early stage of the development of foreign trade enterprises, the market is relatively simple and the amount of information is small. However, with the development of enterprises, the amount of information has risen sharply, the difficulty of the market is getting higher and higher. The information of the boss is very limited. With the big data of foreign trade, the enterprise can grasp the information of the comprehensive market industry and improve the correct rate of the decision.

Two, use foreign trade big data to improve product quality and reduce business costs.

Foreign trade companies have rich internal data, including marketing, sales and customer feedback, and foreign trade companies can track and use these internal data to improve product quality or reduce business costs.

Three. Exploiting big data of foreign trade and developing potential customers

There is a very significant data in the foreign trade data - customs data, which is integrated by the foreign buyer's bill of lading data. Through it, it can contact many potential customers, and can negotiate strategically according to their purchasing frequency, purchase price, purchase quantity and so on, which can greatly increase the rate of formation.

Four. Making use of big data in foreign trade can help enterprises find market opportunities for new products.

Through the large data of foreign trade, we can grasp the needs of the consumer groups in various countries and all levels, and can provide a significant reference for the design of new products. At the same time, we can accurately locate the market of new products by large data analysis.

3, the most effective foreign trade data is the customs data, these records of the real transaction data between the buyer and seller, can help enterprises to quickly and effectively grasp the global market dynamics, master the competition of competitors, and actively develop customers.

4, we must understand the role and significance of customs data fields.

The plan for the year is spring, and the peak season for foreign trade has also arrived. TRADESNS will share with you the customs data of 78 countries. I wish you a high efficiency in 2018.