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Transformation of operation of foreign trade enterprises
Tradesns Publish Time:2018-04-20 18:28:27 942read

In the era of big data, all trades and professions have changed. Foreign trade enterprises are no exception, and some key changes have also been made. It is predicted that foreign trade enterprises will increase internet marketing in the future, and import and export customs data will be widely applied.

First, the strength of Internet Marketing

The present is the network society, and the business marketing of foreign trade enterprises is of course inseparable from the Internet; however, as the price of the line exhibition is getting higher and the effect is getting worse, the enterprise will spend more time and energy in the future of Internet marketing. In terms of media promotion, official website optimization, Forum promotion, mail promotion and so on, the intensity will increase.

Two. The application of customs data will be more common

With the introduction of relevant national policies to support the development of the large data industry, customs data has become an indispensable part of the foreign trade ecological chain. The use of large data analysis means to explore new business opportunities from customs data is a new posture for foreign trade to facilitate trading in the information age. Therefore, the application of customs data will become more common in the future.

Three. Customs data will be fully recognized

As the application of customs data is more and more widely used, the demand for it will be more and more. Foreign trade people will eventually find its most full commercial value, no longer limited to the acquisition of potential customer contact mode, but also its market analysis value, competitor analysis value, the role of price strategy and so on.

To remind you of your foreign trade people: to use the customs data to find potential customers and to get contact, you can not only contact them in the way of Email, but also use social platform face book, twitter to communicate with them, and can not miss any kind of communication formula.

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